Residential Tenancy Safety Requirements

Residential Tenancy Safety Requirements
Windows and Balcony Safety
In NSW, all residential strata buildings must be fitted with window safety devices so that the maximum window opening can be limited to less than 12.5cm.
The devices must be able to withstand a force of 250 newtons (which is equal to 25 kilograms of force), and if the device can be unlocked or disengaged it must have a child resistant mechanism.
There is no obligation for landlords to monitor or enforce the use of window safety devices.
Swimming Pools and Spas
If a rental property has a swimming pool, landlords must meet the standards in the Swimming Pools Act 1992. This requires most pools to be surrounded by a fence that separates the pool from the house.
At the time the agreement is signed, the landlord or agent must provide a copy of the valid certificate of compliance or occupation certificate issued in the last three years. This does not apply if the property is in a strata or community scheme that has more than 2 lots.
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