Rental Properties and Problems with Pests and Vermin!

Rental Properties and Problems with Pests and Vermin!
Who is responsible for removing or exterminating pests or vermin during a tenancy depends on whether:
• pests or vermin were already a problem when the tenant moved in
• a problem with the property has allowed the pests to enter or an infestation to develop
• the tenant contributed to the problem
Generally, landlords are responsible for pest and vermin issues that occur at the start of the tenancy. This is part of a landlord’s responsibility to provide a reasonably clean property that is fit for the tenant to live in.
Tenants are generally responsible for getting rid of pests and vermin if the issue arises after they have moved in and if it was caused by the tenant’s activities or lack of cleanliness.
For example, the tenant keeps a pet on the property or has not removed rubbish which is attracting cockroaches, ants or mice.
Other factors that could determine who is responsible include the history of the property, what is recorded in the condition report, and if there were factors beyond the tenant’s control.
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