CEO Sleepout 2022

CEO Sleepout 2022

Michelle is sleeping out again for this year’s CEO Sleepout!

The goal this year is to raise more money and awareness for the ever growing reality of homelessness, and to help more homeless people stay warm this winter or change a person’s life forever.

We are fortunate enough to deal with many people within our community on a daily basis who are selling their property or purchasing their dream house. This is our chance to give back in some small way that could help the lives of many people living homeless and rough on our streets.

We can only begin to imagine the struggle and stress this creates for people who face this situation everyday. The impacts of Covid and the recent floods may also have created more homeless people, as well as the unthinkable issue of abuse and domestic violence.

To be able to help change even just one person’s life through this cause would be amazing and something that we feel very humbled to be a part of.

To help break this devastating circle of homelessness we are asking for any donations, both big or small, please help us reach our goal this year of $5,000.

Click our link below today to make a donation or feel free to stop by our office and leave a donation in our donation box.

Make a donation here