Why you should invest in a property video

Why you should invest in a property video

More and more house hunters are using the internet to research homes before they commit to attending an open home inspection. As a result, sellers are investing more in video tours of their homes to attract potential buyers. While including video in your online property listing can attract more buyers, there are multiple benefits to investing in the technology. 

Online promotion

Your property can be promoted across more websites, real estate portals such as Domain and REA, and social media. Video is often more engaging than photography for buyers scrolling through multiple online listings. Using video can also help provide us with valuable data and insights into the buyer engagement with your property online. Using this data, we can work out what aspects of your property resonate with buyers most effectively and help us focus the marketing of your property more. 

Non-local buyers can inspect your property

Some buyers may not be able to attend an open home inspection if they’re too far away, but video allows them to virtually inspect your property. With video, your home reaches a wider buyer audience, increasing competition. Video walkthroughs and tours provide potential buyers with context of aspects such as the floor plan, encouraging genuine buyers to take a closer look at your property at an inspection. 

Qualified buyers attend open homes

With video providing a more in-depth virtual inspection of your home compared to photos, the buyers who do attend an open home inspection of your property will likely be more qualified than those who have yet to see your home online. The same goes for if you’re selling at auction. Buyers will be more likely to attend the auction if they’ve been given more of an insight into your home online beforehand. 

Video looks valuable

By using a video of your property in your online listings, you’re likely to enhance the perception of the value of our property. This in turn can shorten the time it takes for your property to sell. Video walkthroughs are a more engaging way to show off your home and encourage attendance at inspections and auction day.

While video may cost more than traditional photos, it’s likely to help your property stand out against the competition. This helps to engage qualified buyers who are more likely to want to purchase your property.