Top features to include when renovating to sell

Top features to include when renovating to sell

Knowing which features are most important to buyers can help you renovate your home for a higher profit when it comes time to sell. Certain features such as extra storage and parking, and luxuries such as ensuite bathrooms are becoming more popular among buyers. Including them when renovating to sell can help increase your sale price of your property. 

Parking space

Higher density suburbs means parking is becoming more of an issue, especially in our capital cities. And as a result, garages and carports are becoming more popular among buyers. Garages also offer more than just space to park the car – they also offer extra storage space for things like camping gear, home gyms and bikes. However, it’s important not to sacrifice your property’s street appeal or character when adding a garage. Garages can take up quite a lot of space and they can cost quite a bit of money to have installed, so a carport might be a nice compromise. A smartly designed carport that lends itself to a garage conversion can also be more appealing to buyers. 

Build-in wardrobes 

Storage is one of the biggest selling points for buyers, especially those with children. By simply remodelling the existing space you have, and adding storage savers such as drawers, shelves, and variable height hanging rails inside your built in wardrobes, you can add much needed appeal to your home, without spending too much money. Buyers have come to expect that most bedrooms will include built-in wardrobes with the biggest being in the master bedroom. 

Ensuite bathrooms

Although bathrooms are the most expensive of all rooms to renovate per square metre thanks to the different aspects involved such as waterproofing, plumbing, carpentry and fixtures, you can save some money by doing your research. The addition of an ensuite bathroom is more cost effective when you work with the space that’s already there, rather than adding in floor space. You can also find affordable products such as tap fixtures and shower heads, that are well-designed without breaking the budget. Just keep in mind that access to water and sewage are likely to be the biggest costs with creating an ensuite in an existing space.  

Air conditioning

Buyers no longer think of air conditioning as a luxury, rather they have come to expect to find it in every home. But, good insulation and air conditioning shouldn’t be separate things. Make sure you consider insulating and shading your home from the sun before you invest in a cooling system. The roof cavity you have can also impact what style of air conditioning unit you can install, so make sure you do what you can to insulate before you spend big on artificial cooling. Buyers are also looking to save money on their power bills and good insulation is one way to do that. 

You don’t have to spend big on renovations to sell your property, but making a few changes to suit your buyers’ interests will help to increase the sale price.