Rental Property Condition Reports

Rental Property Condition Reports

A condition report records the condition of the property, room by room, including fixtures and fittings and is completed when a new tenant moves into a property, and is called an ingoing inspection report. It contains thorough descriptions and photos and can be done electronically or on paper. A copy is given to the tenant to make their own comments on and returned to the landlord/managing agent within 7 days. When a tenant moves out of a property an outgoing inspection report is also completed and the 2 reports are compared to each other. The reports are very important documents and are used if there is a dispute about the condition of the property and any damage that has been caused during the tenancy.

Routine property inspections are also carried out throughout the tenancy (up to 4 per year), to ensure the property is being looked after and to check on maintenance that might be needed.

If you would like any more details on condition or routine inspection reports please contact our Property Management Team

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