How to bring country and city together

How to bring country and city together

Scratching your head trying to reconcile your appreciation for both city and country? There is a way to have your country cake – and eat your city style too – and all while (possibly) enjoying extra cash on the side. Read on to find out more.

Rustic opportunity

You’re keen to escape to the country – sometimes. Trouble is, you’ve got work, friends and family in the metropolis, to say nothing of a mortgage. And then there are those city amenities you love, such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas and more. Answer: buy a rural weekender. Ideally just a few hours from the big smoke, these properties can literally be a breath of fresh air and the perfect getaway from suburban hustle and bustle – while still allowing you to return to the city at the end of the weekend. Relax on your own deck, overlooking beach or bushland, with a quiet cup of tea and a good book. But remember to consider exactly how isolated you want to be. Recharging weary batteries far away from the rest of the world sounds like a dream deal. But will it work for you in reality? Do you like a great café breakfast or visiting local farmers’ markets? If so, consider moving closer to a small town. Either way, don’t pick a place too far from suburbia; otherwise, you’ll have to undergo an exhausting road trip to your country haven.

To invest or not to invest

Remember how we mentioned extra cash on the side? Well, this is where renting out your rural abode as an investment, or advertising it as an AirBnB option, comes into play. These two options can be a great way of paying off your weekender mortgage and ensures your little home in the country is doubly beneficial. But if you plan to rent out your property, you’ll lose your chances of fleeing the city whenever you choose to rest and relax. AirBnBs stand you a better chance of both yourself and potential customers picking the perfect times and dates to enjoy this space.

How best to R&R

Much as you’d love acres of land with loads of space for horses and livestock, owning such a place equals a lot of hard labour. Think back to why you bought your weekender. You wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet after a week or so of stressful city days, right? As such, while a large place would be fantastic, you don’t want to spend all of your precious weekend time fixing fences, taking care of cattle, and spending hours on a ride-on mower. Keep your weekender dream simple and the rest and relaxation will follow. Firstly, buy a small place in an easy-care plot of land. Next, aim to arrive with just a small suitcase or carry bag and do as little unpacking as possible. Ensure the house is well stocked with basic essential items (whether that’s a bottle of nice wine, favourite movies, coffee or books!). Keep some clothes and toiletry duplicates there too. A washing machine can be handy, allowing you to do a quick wash of towels and sheets before you leave on Sunday. Hang them inside and they’ll be ready to go again when you return. Bottom line: if you can avoid extra work, do so! Then swap the stress, sink into serenity and enjoy yourself!